Climate change Green house emissions Climate mitigation ambitions International cooperation

Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise and are the main cause of global warming. The article looks at which policies the world’s largest emitters (including China, India, the US and the EU) are taking to reduce their emissions and whether these policies are sufficiently ambitious to keep global warming well below 2 °C, and even preferably 1.5 °C, by the end of this century (as per the Paris Agreement's goals). We explain that, despite the progress made thus far, the world as a whole is not on track to meet the temperature objectives of the Paris Agreement. Climate mitigation ambitions, the used policy mixes and the strength of policy implementation vary widely from country to country. Stronger international cooperation is key to moving forward on this policy goal, particularly as the window to avoid the worst effects of climate change is rapidly closing.


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Flore De Sloover

Dennis Essers

Thomas Stoerk

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