Cyber security risk Risk assessments Common vulnerabilities Common misconfigurations Mitigations techniques Encryption of data

In today's digital landscape, cyber security is a pressing concern for executives and organizations. Understanding common vulnerabilities and misconfigurations is crucial for effective risk management. Weak passwords and phishing attacks pose significant threats that can be mitigated through strong passwords and user education programs. Misconfigurations, such as unchanged default settings, can be addressed through regular software updates and maintenance. Implementing secure protocols like HTTPS and VPNs safeguards against insecure network connections. The principle of least privilege and access permission reviews help prevent unauthorized access. Regular data backups, coupled with off-site or cloud storage, ensure resilience against ransomware attacks. Updating and retiring unsupported software reduces vulnerabilities. Executives must prioritize user awareness and training to foster a secure environment and protect valuable assets.



Jeroen Vandeleur

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