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We are a meeting place for the financial and related sectors, government, academia, and business.

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The European Artificial Intelligence Regulation (or AI) Act

The long-awaited EU AI Regulation is now final (published in June 2024). What a challenge for the EU ! Finding the right balance between fostering technological innovation and safeguarding the fundamental rights, safety, and health of human beings, is a delicate exercise.

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Responsible AI in Finance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a significant role in daily life. For example, in the financial sector, it can be used for fraud detection, loan approvals, and personalized customer service. However, using AI also introduces (or exacerbates) various risks.

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Artificiële intelligentie helpt financiële misdaad indijken

Financial institutions face increasing scrutiny from regulators and must also contend with sophisticated cybercriminals. AI plays a critical role in combating financial crime, especially money laundering, which threatens financial stability and societal safety.

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FSMA publiceert onderzoeksrapport over kosten tweede en derde pensioenpijler en lanceert tool voor pensioenproducten

The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) launched an online tool that provides an overview of the costs of pension products. The tool was developed following a study carried out by the FSMA at the request of the Belgian government in which it looked at the costs charged by financial institutions for their pension products.


The Forum pursues the following objectives:

  • To exchange, in the broad sense, knowledge about economic and financial issues
  • To provide a meeting place for the financial sector and related sectors, public authorities, academic circles and businesses.
  • To encourage debates and exchange of views on economic and financial themes;
  • Various different formats are proposed, like conferences, colloquia, panel debates, etc.

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