Regulations Belgian Financial Forum prize for master's theses Economy & Finance 2024

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  1. The Belgian Financial Forum encourages the dissemination of financial research by organising speaking events, colloquia, study afternoons and by publishing two magazines “Bank- en Financiewezen/Revue bancaire et financière” and “Bank en Financieel Recht/Revue de droit bancaire et financier”.
  2. In 2024, the Belgian Financial Forum will award a prize to the best master's thesis dealing with a financial (banking, insurance, asset management, non-bank financial intermediation, ...) and/or monetary theme.
  3. Eligible are master's theses from the 2023-2024 academic year that are defended during the June and September sessions in 2024 and achieve at least a distinction. Master's theses may be written in Dutch, French or English.
  4. Only master's students of an economic and or business sciences faculty of a Belgian university can submit their master's thesis.
  5. Candidates must send their master's thesis and a short curriculum vitae electronically to, which provides the editorial secretariat for the journal Bank- en financiewezen/Revue bancaire et financière, published by the Belgian Financial Forum. Participation is final only after notification of receipt.
  6. Master's theses must be submitted by Friday 11 October 2024 at the latest.
  7. The prize includes
    • a cash prize of 2,000 euros,
    • in agreement with Febelfin choice of course at Febelfin Academy,
    • publication of an abridged version of the master's thesis in Banking and Finance (BFW Digital) and on the Belgian Financial Forum website.
  8. The award will be presented during an activity of the Belgian Financial Forum.
  9. The jury of the prize is composed of members of the editorial committee of Bank- en financieel recht/Revue de droit bancaire et financier. The jury reserves the right to consult experts in connection with the evaluation of the master's theses submitted.
  10. Decisions of the jury are taken by an absolute majority of the members present at the deliberations. The jury may decide to divide the prize between several master's theses.
  11. The criteria that will be taken into consideration for the evaluation of the master's theses are:
    • originality;
    • scientific value;
    • topicality;
    • empiricism;
    • format and correct use of language.
  12. Information on the prize for master's theses can be obtained from Frank Lierman ( chairman of the editorial committee of the journal "Bank- en financiewezen/Revue bancaire et financière" or from Carmen Boschmans (, coordinator of the Belgian Financial Forum.