Every day we see a wide range of financial scams being promoted through social media. Consumers are attracted by high-yield investments. Criminals make them believe that they can earn a lot of money. They tell stories about huge profits. Consumers lose all the money they put in the hands of criminals. None of the money is ever invested.

The consequences of this kind of financial crime go well beyond the financial losses involved. Investment fraud can destroy not just the victim’s savings but also their mental and physical well-being.

The FSMA alert consumers to the risks of scams. We publish tips on how to recognise fraudulent activities. When the offer is ‘too good to be true’, it is probably a scam.

The FSMA regularly updates a warning list of companies who are not authorised in Belgium or are known for their fraudulent business. The FSMA conducts research on investment fraud and is working together with the police and judicial authorities on its prevention.


Johan Corthouts

Brigitte Leën

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