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The organisation wants to stress the crucial role that small to medium sized investors play in our national economy, by financing the small & medium sized enterprises. These Belgian-sized companies lack attention and liquidity from the larger and institutional investors, which drains the lifeforce from the Brussels exchange ever more and consequently of our national economy.             
This year, again, the amount of dormant savings in Belgium has reached record highs: over 600 billion euros. To boost the economic revival in Belgium, it is vital to activate these reserves.  
In this article, VFB proposes several elements to achieve this activation, thereby creating multiple benefits towards the financial health of this country, its economy, and its population. Essentially, VFB promotes equity investment through better financial education, (employee) share ownership in both listed and unlisted companies to gain experience and alleviate social unrest, and fiscal incentives to overcome a long history of populist storytelling (painting investors as a load on society in stead of the engine). A small initial cost should yield significant ROI for all stakeholders.



Ben Granjé

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