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“Everybody deserves a great place to live”, the just cause of Matexi for more than 75 years. As a neighbourhood developer Matexi creates real estate projects that meet the needs of the present, without jeopardising those of future generations. Each project contributes to a more sustainable society by adding value to the neighbourhood that inspires to make more of life together and offering affordable future-oriented housing to the customers who will live there.

Matexi is a real estate transformer ‘par excellence’. The neighbourhood developer acquires land and neighbourhood sites - increasingly, derelict industrial land, old factory buildings and vacant office buildings - and transforms these into great places to live, in close interaction with all stakeholders involved.

This process requires a substantial investment of people and resources. Even though these may be challenging times for the real estate sector, due to the energy crisis, rising material costs and high inflation, the need for additional comfortable, energy-efficient, and affordable housing remains high. With major price reductions not to be expected any time soon, the neighbourhood developer underlines there is a glass ceiling to the rising material cost and interest rates that the real estate sector can bear.



Gaëtan Hannecart

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